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Name: Erin

High School: Alton High School


Soda or Juice? juice

Reality or Sitcom? sitcom

Twitter or Instagram? instagram

Early Bird or Night Owl? early bird

Divergent or Hunger Games? hunger games

Spring or Fall? spring

Girls’ Night or Date Night? girls’ night


What is your favorite high school memory? favorite high school memory is prom and being lucky enough to be voted prom queen!

What college do you plan to attend? I plan to attend is university of Mississippi (ole miss) – (yay for an SEC school!;) )

Do you know what you want to study? I want to study engineering management with an emphasis on chemical engineering! (seriously, how many engineering majors am I going to photograph this year?! so funny!)


Erin! It has been such a joy to have you in my EDP VIP program. Thank you for applying and accepting a spot and adding to the great personalities of this group of girls. I’m excited to watch your senior year unfold on social media, and I wish you all the best in this last year of high school!












Alton, IL Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography

Edwardsville, IL Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography

St. Louis, MO Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography

Name: Madee

High School: Alton High School


Soda or Juice? Soda, I can’t quit my Mr. Pibb habit.

Reality or Sitcom? Sitcom

Twitter or Instagram? Twitter!

Early Bird or Night Owl? Night owl, definitely.

Divergent or Hunger Games? Don’t make me pick! I love them both (though I hated the way Divergent ended!)

Spring or Fall? Spring.

Girls’ Night or Date Night? Both!


What is your favorite high school memory? Hmm. Hard to pick, but probably when I found out that I made it into the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra. It was a wonderful year with them!

What college do you plan to attend? I don’t know yet! I have plans to apply to ones ranging from Portland to New Orleans, and several closer to home.

Do you know what you want to study? Either nuclear engineering or physics, depending on what the college I attend offers.


Thank you, Madee, for taking part in my EDP VIP program. It’s been great to have you part of this year’s team. I’ve really enjoyed working with you and wish you all the best in your senior year!








Alton, IL Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography

Edwardsville, IL Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography

St. Louis, MO Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography


Alton High School


Soda or Juice? Juice

Reality or Sitcom? Neither

Twitter or Instagram? I have never been a social media type of person but I have recently been addicted to Instagram.

Early Bird or Night Owl? definitely night owl

Divergent or Hunger Games? Hunger Games, but I haven’t read or seen Divergent (IZZY!!!!!! Girl. You’re killin’ me. Divergent was just released on HD yesterday and the DVD comes out on August 5th. You have no excuse now…Photographer’s orders!;)(yes, I’m a Divergent junkie)

Spring or Fall? I like fall because the clothes are more my style and the weather is really pretty.

Girls’ Night or Date Night? Girl’s Night because I’m a teenager and I just want to have fun with my friends.


What is your favorite high school memory? 

So far high school has just been great for me. There are so many good memories. It would probably be going to the panic! @ the disco concert with a couple of my girlfriends in January and on the way home we got a call from the school saying that school was cancelled the next day. We were able to stay up and party and then sleep in the next day without worrying about waking up too early.

What college do you plan to attend? Do you know what you want to study?

I don’t have a particular school that I am planning to attend and I know that I want to study spanish in college but I’m not sure on anything else.

And one last message from Izzy: I LOVED my pictures, they turned out perfect.







Alton, IL Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography

Edwardsville, IL Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography

St. Louis, MO Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography

I met with Scott and Kristin back in August of 2013. We met up for coffee, they booked me on the spot and our journey began. We met up for coffee a couple of different times, did two engagement sessions (fall and spring!) and texted (well just Kristin and me!) throughout the 11 months they were engaged. I really do hope to build a trusting relationship with each of my couples. I’ve been through this whole wedding day scenario on multiple occasions now…once as a bride and the rest as a photographer. I feel it is my responsibility to educate my couples, help them think through all of their options and organize their days and most importantly, encourage them to focus on their MARRIAGE. I hope that when all of the wedding planning is complete, and I arrive to photograph their wedding, that they can truly focus on one another and leave the details up to me. This is exactly what happened with Scott and Kristin, and I was truly blessed to have met and worked with them.


Scott and Kristin had so many cute, fun details at their wedding. Check out the corks that all of the guests signed! How cute is that?


My typical second shooter, Mary Kim, always takes the best ring shots. The two-tones rings are gorgeous!


Now check out these bridesmaids dresses…unique and beautiful, right? Um, $20 each. Yep.


On the right over there, Scott knows he is a lucky, lucky man. LOOK. AT. HER.


Kristin had the pleasure of working with the brilliant Amanda Miller. And her hair is just plain beautiful.


Oh how I LOVE when couples choose to see each other before the ceremony. Love these candid faces.:)


With a first look, there is always ample time for beautiful portraits like these…


I ADORE this series of photos. I don’t even know what was said, but the reaction to it was priceless! THIS IS THE KIND OF STUFF WE’RE HIRED FOR.:)



One of my faves from the day!



Below is one of the reason’s why I love second shooters! The bottom image is Mary Kim’s perspective and the black and white image is my perspective.


My perspective on the left, Mary Kim’s on the right.


Again, my perspective on the left, Mary Kim’s on the right.


The ceremony was beautiful and the message was great. CHOOSE to love your spouse.


Off to the beautiful reception hall to celebrate!



I ask all of my couples to head outside for sunset pictures. Even if it’s just 15 minutes, the light provides us with the most amazing sun filled portraits, and it is well worth the time spent.





And then it’s candids for the rest of the evening…




Aviston, IL Wedding

hair  •  Cut Loose
makeup  •  Amanda Miller Makeup Artistry
florist  •  Carol, Ehlke (Forget Me Knots)
videographer  •  Forte Photography and Cinema
ceremony & reception venue  •  The Hidden Lake Winery

officiate  •  Ruth Hudson 

dj •  Elite Pro

cake  •  Patty Cakes
dress  •  David’s Bridal
bridesmaid dresses  •  Charlotte Russe
tuxedo manufacturer  •   Men’s Wearhouse



What was the most memorable part of your day?

Kristin: Definitely our first look!

Scott: Easily our first look.

Any advice for future brides/grooms?

Kristin: Interact with your guests as much as possible, they really appreciate it! (Something I did very poorly!)

Scott: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?

Kristin: Like I said, I should have interacted more with our guests, but otherwise, nope!

Scott: I would have eaten more at the reception. (lol! Sorry Scott, this one cracked me up! Especially since one of the things I would change about my wedding is EAT MORE CAKE! Our cake was soooo good, and I just forgot about it! How on earth do you forget about your cake?!)

Where did you go on your honeymoon?



Alton, IL Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography

Edwardsville, IL Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography

St. Louis, MO Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography

TORI OVERTON – Class of 2015 EDP VIP

Civic Memorial High School


Soda or Juice? Soda especially diet coke!

Reality or Sitcom? Reality I unfortunately love me some kardashians

Twitter or Instagram? Instagram

Early Bird or Night Owl? Night owl definitely

Divergent or Hunger Games? Divergent

Spring or Fall? Fall I loooveee cool weather

Girls’ Night or Date Night? Girls night


What is your favorite high school memory? Exploring the school with my best friend when it wasn’t exactly open…any time someone came down the hall we ducked and dived them!

What college do you plan to attend? I am not totally sure where I plan on attending but I would love to go to UMSL

Do you know what you want to study? I plan on studying nursing and then join the red cross or some kind of organization that would allow me to travel to different countries










Alton, IL Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography

Edwardsville, IL Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography

St. Louis, MO Contemporary Wedding and Senior Portrait Photography