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Abby P. | St. Louis, MO Senior Photographer

Abby | St. Louis, MO Senior Photographer



What are your favorite clothing stores to shop at?


My favorite places to shop would be the boutiques: MOD, Hazel2Blue, and Gliks.

Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?


I see myself hopefully, finishing dental hygienist school with my license to work with a dentistry. I also hope to be starting a family and being successful.

What is YOUR definition of TRUE BEAUTY?


My definintion of true beauty is confidence and happiness. I think when someone is confident and happy with themselves they are even more beautiful.

What is your FAVE high school memory, so far?


That’s tough, I’ve made a lot of great memories during high school but one of my favorites would have to be joining the girl’s tennis team. I had just gotten cut from the freshman volleyball team and my mom suggested I try out for the tennis team, which turned out to be an awesome decision and where I’ve met some amazing people including my coaches.

Name 5 things on your bucket list!

Take a trip outside the country, be successful and happy with how I lived my life.

Alton, IL Senior Photographer
Edwardsville, IL Senior Photographer
St. Louis, MO Senior Photographer

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