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Class of 2015 Senior VIP Sneak Peeks | St. Louis, Missouri Senior Portrait Photographer

I love getting dressed up. Back in high school, I absolutely loved prom…not the dance. But the dress and the shoes and the hair and makeup. I loved it because it was fun and because it was always a confidence booster. Well, this is exactly what I had planned for my Class of 2015 Senior VIPs. Back in March, 14 girls were selected to take part in my senior model program, and on April 12th, almost all of us (we missed you Carlee!) got together for our spring group model shoot. Each of the girls received a professional makeover from the fabulous Amanda Miller and Erin Criswell of Amanda Miller Makeup Artistry and Lainie Hood-Rusbarsky of Makeup n More and we spent the entire day getting amazing pictures of both the group as a whole as well as each member of the VIP team individually. Here is a quick sneak peek of each of the beautiful VIPs!

StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer16 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer03 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer04 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer05 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer06 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer07 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer08 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer09 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer10 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer11 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer12 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer13 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer14 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer15 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer01 StLouisMissouriSeniorPortraitPhotographer02

St. Louis, Missouri Senior Portrait Photographer

Edwardsville, Illinois Senior Portrait Photographer

Alton, Illinois Senior Portrait Photographer

Godfrey, Illinois Senior Portrait Photographer

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