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Pics for Packs – Emily Dobson Photography

Somewhere beneath all the craziness that is ME, I have a heart for helping others. I believe it comes from Christ and His instruction to love and serve others. I won’t say it comes naturally, but it’s there and I really do enjoy helping and giving. When I saw Sarah, of Sarah Lane Studios, implementing this awesome idea in her business, I knew I wanted to bring it here to Godfrey. I am proud to introduce “Pics for Packs!”

When you drop off a brand new backpack stuffed with standard school supplies at my home office, I will gift you with a set of 25 graduation cards FOR FREE! By donating a backpack and a few simple school supplies, you will be a huge blessing to a local child at the beginning of this next school year.

The backpack and supplies will be gifted to the Alton School District to help supply children with supplies they were unable to get themselves.


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