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Sarah Hill RESET Conference Shootout

Some people crush over actors. Some people crush over musicians. And others, like myself, crush over other photographers-ha! For the past few years, I’ve been a huge fan of Sarah-Beth Photography. She’s one on my bucket list of photographers I want to be photographed by. Sarah Hill is a phenomenal family photographer based in Indianapolis, Indiana. When I found out she was leading a shootout during The Reset Conference, I knew I had to participate. I felt like a kid at Disney World following Elsa around! It was so fun to watch Sarah work behind-the-scenes and then to see those amazing images come to life! She’s definitely still on my list of photographers I want to be photographed by, but for now, I’ll take the shooting alongside of her gig any day! Here are some of my favorites of the sweet, sweet family we photographed back in March.







Alton, IL Family Photographer

Godfrey, IL Family Photographer

St. Louis, MO Family Photographer

Edwardsville, IL Family Photographer


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